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informal art by interesting people camping

Tempfest 2019 took place on Waiheke Island

WHAKANEWHA REGIONAL PARK, WAIHEKE on Sat March 23,  organised by Craig Foltz and Kristin D’Agostino.

Review by Mia Straka:

The idea was to create temporary, interesting, informal, fun works or happenings. As a creative writer Craig organised performances by poets and Kristin the installations, including visual artists, a tea ceremony, tidal poetry and drawing, plus interactive art experiences. The crowd was a mix of people, families camping and day visitors. I made a Talisman3 installation, adding to the mix of tikanga Māori and global values words with some Arabic words derived from Islamic tradition. Together with those present at Tempfest we hung 50 banners in the trees at Whakanewha park, a small gesture in acknowledgement of the 50 lives lost in the Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15th. and to express solidarity with all those affected. As-Salaam- Alaikum.

Reader :  Lisa Samuels teaches writing and theory at the University of Auckland – she has published many books, mostly poetry, most recently Symphony for Human Transport (Shearsman, 2017) and Foreign Native (Black Radish, 2018) and The Long White Cloud of Unknowing (Chax, soon). She also works with other art forms: her poetry film Tomorrowland, directed by Wes Tank, came out in 2017, and her word art installation Tenter will be in Auckland’s Studio One / Toi Tū Gallery 30 March – 10 April 2019.

Artist : Mia Straka

Straka is an artist/jeweller living in Auckland who will gently encourage heightened experience of the site and to share our individual perceptions in a communal way. Referencing the inter web of things, she is proposing a similar connectivity between people and place.

Tea Ceremony: Sarah Monro

I am looking very forward to the tea ceremony
by Sarah Monro…

experimental poetry, art, friends and tea!
this saturday…/a.330227327158…/775241812657377/

Tempfest 2019: Bio
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