2020 @ The Jewel and the Jeweller

In August 2020,  The Jewel and the Jeweller exhibited a retrospective “Broach of the Month Club”,
a collaborative year long project between 12 makers, 12 wearers and 12 Brooches, created by Kristin
D’Agostino. There have been three iterations based in Auckland and we are excited to announce the
first round in Taranaki. Coinciding with this exhibition, The Jewel and the Jeweller have decided to
initiate a new Broach of the Month Club – Taranaki.

The Broach of the Month Club (BOM) was created in an effort to reinstate the community aspect of
traditional craft into the contemporary jewellery culture. It focuses on the emotional and physical
experience of wearing.  Twelve jewellers each submitted a brooch reflecting their unique attitude or mode of approaching
jewellery. Each brooch had its own travelling box, and short blurb about the jeweller and the brooch.
Meanwhile, 12 "care takers/wearers" were recruited to wear, reflect and swap brooches in a book club