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a book club for brooches

The Broach of the Month Club concept provides a vital space for experimental work to be shown and supplies valuable feedback to the makers. Broach of the Month Club also creates a forum outside of the gallery where selling work is not a concern. Often, only public galleries provide a space where generating revenue isn’t the key component, but public galleries don’t always have the opportunity to show artists in the early stages of their careers. Broach of the Month Club provides a living exhibition venue that isn’t beholden to the counters of hipness, fashion, and commodity.  It aims to present another way of tackling the Gert Staal/Ted Noten question regarding the dilemma of displaying jewellery in galleries as opposed to it being worn.

In the first year, the project ran out of my living room.

To view the full project blog with wearer comments on each brooch click here: Original Broach of the Month Club 2008 – 2009

Broach of the Month Club 2008: Bio
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