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Opening Night project at Anna Miles Galllery

Symmetry is the Work of the Devil

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you wear matching earrings but not matching bracelets? How is it that the earring was a status symbol relating to breastfeeding in one cultural context, but in another it provides tags for sexual preference? What is the origin of the earring pair?

The traditions of these various readings cross paths throughout New Zealand culture. Our response: 1) Form a research party. 2) Visit museum storerooms to view taonga.  3) Hold late night discussions. 4) Place a call for single earrings to contemporary jewellers. 5) Show collected works 6) Review 7) Return to start and repeat.

It is a delight to present the works of Raewyn Walsh, Lisa Walker, Alan Preston, Shelley Norton, Neke Moa, Jo Mears, Matthew McIntyre-Wilson, Ross Malcolm, Karl Fritsch, Craig Foltz, Sharon Fitness, Ilse-Marie Erl, Jane Dodd, Gillian Deery, Mary Curtis, Pauline Bern, Ben Beattie, Artist unknown collection of Jaqui Knowles,

Symmetry is the Work of the Devil is a show dedicated to the single earring.

Curated by Kristin D’Agostino

Studio One Toi Tu February 4, 2015 as part of the Opening Night project sponsored by Objectspace led by Benjamin Lignel.

Anna Miles Gallery 10/30 Upper Queen St, Auckland March 19 — April 16 2015

Symmetry is the Work of the Devil: Bio
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