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work auctioned in 2 hemispheres

This project explores the ideas of value added by travel and the relationships involved in commerce and exchange.  It is a project based on audience participation. Objects will be auctioned off, sold, shipped overseas, curated by strangers, and touched by the hands of postal workers.

The brooches will be auctioned off for co-ownership in NZ, and then transported to the Northern hemisphere where the same process will occur at a New York gallery space.   The details of both owners exchanged.  It’s like pen pals with brooches.

A blog has been created to encourage interactive participation between the owners as well as documenting the process for interested parties. It is hoped that this forum will provide additional insights into the notions of art, exchange, commerce, and private ownership.

To view the full project blog click here: Rare Fungal Behaviour

Rare Fungal Behaviour: Bio
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